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- Dave Emerson Silhouettes
- Breast Cancer T-Shirts
- Electronics Service Center
- Hellebuyck's Power Equipment Center
- Law Office
- Leong's Chinese Restaurant

Yes we are busy, and as soon as we can add these to our portfolio properly, we will do so!

Michigan Fundraiser

Michigan Fundraiser website screenshot Launch Date: 9/1/10

25 years in business and finally implementing a website! We concentrated on the marketing side more than anything. A comparison chart along with some eyecatching, vitally important, graphic information is placed in the initial viewport, sure to be seen.


Quilting Dreams

Quilting Dreams Launch Date: 7/1/10

Another business unhappy with their previous web designer. We did a total rebuild from scratch with logo design, custom graphics, editable content, picture taking, and domain transfer. This was initially a seven day rush job and lots of tweaking after launch.


Blue Water Home Loans

Blue Water Home LoansLaunch Date: 4/1/10

Mortgage Company in our local area and pretty much handed us the keys to build this site, which is nice! We added a couple of widgets for the mortgage calculator and interest rate watch. Areas of the site can be edited by the client. Two forms also implemented for application and contact


Bedazzled Gold

Bedazzled Gold Launch Date: 8/1/08

Buy and sell your gold! Lots of great written content provided by the owners. Nice collaborative effort with this job with a lot of communication. Pretty straight forward design with a couple of forms and FAQ section Real professional girls to work with.


Angry Bull Sportsbar

Angry Bull Sportsbar Launch Date: 9/1/07

Restaurant and sportsbar. A few photo galleries as well as fading images on the home page. A printable menu and custom graphics throughout. We spent some time editing the logo to accommodate the background. Constant updates are made for this very busy place!


Carl's Electric

Carl's Electric

Launch Date: 11/1/ 07

Over 300 links to vendor merchandise from this appliance site. Approximately 85 pages and over 200 graphics and photos. Logo enhancement, revolving image box, custom forms, spry navigation, custom graphics, and constant updating. Custom ads updated  from time to time.


Shores Coins

Shores Coins

Launch Date: 2/16/08

Buy and sell gold and a million other things. For some reason this site was fun to build. Yellow and white are difficult to work with on the web but we pulled it off. We also designed the logo for them and 2 custom forms too. Newspaper ads are also inserted into the site from time to time.

Concept 1

Concept site by Aero Web Design Design Date: 8/30/09

Our concept sites are totally original and will only be used once. Colors can be changed to suit your needs.

Layout is also flexible.




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Edward J Painting

Edward J PaintingLaunch Date: 4/1/10

This site is a total redesign as they were not happy with the previous company that built their old site. Industrial and Commercial painting and special coatings. Not your average painter for sure! All custom graphics throughout with a pic gallery and custom form for contact.


ICU Window Cleaning

ICU Window CleaningLaunch Date: 8/14/09

Local window cleaning company wanted a simple yet informative site. We used a very nice photo gallery using an Adobe Dreamweaver extension which utilizes xml and Flash. A few custom graphics and the written content were done by us. Simple, effective, and cost control was the goal.


i mark Development

i mark Development website screenshot

Launch Date: 5/20/09

Industrial building and developer. Extensive photo gallery work driven by xml. Mark really wanted to show what his company can do and we definitely did that. His work is amazing. All custom graphics on the site and some quite extensive photo editing with the 14 galleries!


Blue Water Hot Deals

Blue Water Hot Deals Launch Date: 6/1/08

Dedicated to promoting locally owned businesses, you can get coupons from this site. Success of this site is accredited to the layout and ease of navigation. We do all design work on the ads and coupons and updates are made almost daily. Time consuming site!


Maymers - Children's Book


Launch Date: 7/1/08

Author and Illustrator Amy Webb and her children's book "Maymers". Fantastic artwork by this girl, we just had to position everything. Gelling it all together was somewhat of a task with all the gradients.
We love this site, so simple and beautiful, and easy to use. Buy a copy!


Fort Gratiot Business Asso.

Concept Site

Concept Site

This is a site that may eventually replace the existing one for a business group we belong to. We want to market it more for the general public rather than just the group like it is now. Background water was actually taken by us in that immediate area.



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Concept 2

Concept site by Aero Web Design Design Date: 9/15/09

Our concept sites are totally original and will only be used once. Colors can be changed to suit your needs.

Layout is also flexible.




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Concept site for Aero Web Design

Aero Web Design- Dark colors

Design Date: 8/10/09

Well this site was our original plan when we did a makeover for ourselves. It was designed with dark colors, but we decided to go with some light colors as you can see on our site now. We thought we should put it in our portfolio as it does show some pretty extreme differences from our current look.


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