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Let's do it the right way!

A website needs to be more than just look good, or even great. It needs to have a purpose and it needs to convey your message. There is so much more to a successful web site and marketing than just getting a site up and having a web presence.

Hosting and Domain Name

Aero Web Design will set up your hosting and get a name for your site. We charge a flat rate of $100 per year for hosting, while most companies charge $20 per month ($240 per year). So we can save you $140 right off the bat! Plus we give free hosting for the first year with a new web site! So now you save $240!!!

Compare our rates to a local designer here. You won't believe what they charge! This is our direct competition!

They say web hosting setup is a pain! No it's not, and how do they justify packages starting at $49.99 a month?! That's ridiculous.

Written Content

The most important yet most overlooked aspect of a site. This is where you are going to grab potential customers. We emphasize this from the start. If you can't or don't want to write content, we will do the research and write it for you. Read more >>

Site MaintenanceMopping floor

We take pride in assuring that your site is always working correctly and up to date. When you request updates and changes we will respond and have it done within 24 hours.

Custom Designs

We do not use templates. Companies that use templates will just drop in some graphics and whatever text you give them and call it a day, and charge you full price. Then your site is anything but unique. We design ours from scratch using standards compliant coding techniques described by the W3C. (World Web Consortium, the developers that set web design standards). You get what you want, not what someone else wants.

Custom Graphics

We love doing graphic work! Graphics will enhance your website appearance when done right.... and we take care not to over do it. We can build any graphic you can dream up! All the graphics on this site were done by us!

Custom Graphics from Aero Web Design

Search Engine Optimization

(SEO) is the process of getting your site "prepared" to be search friendly. This starts with proper coding and great written content.


Custom made forms can be done for whatever information you need to extract from your customers. Submissions can be sent right to your E-mail in an easy to read format.

Photo Galleries

We have an array of photo galleries at our disposal, which can be customized to your sites colors and scheme. Gallery examples >>

Photo Editing

We can take photos for you or you can give us your photos for inclusion in your site. Need photos edited or enhanced? No problem!

Custom Navigation

We feel navigation is an area that should be well thought out, not only for appearance, but for functionality also. Users getting lost on your site means your losing their business. Linking examples >>



Sell products online with the most popular payment gateway in America, Paypal! Three great reasons to use Paypal:

Credit card payments available1) A large percentage of online shoppers have a Paypal account. What is appealing to the shopper is that if they have an account with Paypal, and they go to purchase something, they don't have to fill in a bunch of information to checkout. They sign into Paypal upon checkout with username and password, and that's it! Paypal will already have all the information they need to process payment. What a convenience for your customer!

2) You can list your products on your site without having to leave your site until actual checkout. This means the styling of your site will remain intact giving a seamless shopping experience for your customer.

3) Paypal e-commerce is less than half the cost to set up than a full blown shopping cart!

*** For sites requiring large amounts of products to sell (50 or more), then a regular shopping cart will be required.

Simple CMS

We have the ability to allow for our clients to update their owns sites! With a CMS (Content Management System) in place, you can update certain areas of your site without doing any harm to your site! We give you a login and password which allows you to edit designated areas of your website. No special skills are necessary. It's just like editing a Word document!

Logo Design

Aero Web Design can design your logo from scratch or we can enhance an existing one so it will gel with your site.


"Steve is all about getting the site done the way you want it and is not satisfied until you are. I must have gave him 50 graphics to work with and changed my mind on things time and time again, but he was always willing to do whatever it took to make me happy! Great communication and professional manner. I would recommend Aero to anybody!"

Amy Webb, Author and Illustrator
Maymers, children's book

"We were under a pretty strict budget when we opened our restaurant and needed to get a site up. Steve went way beyond the call of duty. I know he put way more time into this than our budget allotted. Updates are needed for our site quite frequently and usually it's Steve bugging US for updates! We think the site conveys what we are, a place to have some serious fun and some serious food!

Pete and Janet Norager, Owners
Angry Bull Sportsbar


(actual email from client)
"I highly recommend Aero Web Design! Steve and staff really listened to our ideas. We could tell it was important to them to identify our goals and work from there. They completely transcended our expectations."

Steve, please feel free to edit in any way. I trust you and can't say enough good about what you have done for us.

Lester Wilkins Blue Water Home Loans

"We knew when we started Blue Water Hot Deals that we were in for quite a task. We had to sell a product that didn't exist yet! With my wife being in sales and me being in website design, we had confidence that we could do it. Well it's been 9 months later and we are still running 40 - 50 businesses at any given time. We wanted the site to be super easy to use and understand so that it would not be a deterrent to visitors. Consumers can get in and out without registering, logging in, or downloading programs. The site is very search engine friendly and gets great search results. We believe site design has been a major contributor to our success."

Steve And Michelle Kuschel, Owners
Blue Water Hot Deals
Aero Web Design

Working with Steve from Aero Web Design has been a very pleasant experience. Steve’s knowledge and experience has helped us to create a very professional web site. I highly recommend him.

Steve Kulka Edward J. Painting