Web Design Photo Galleries- The Wow Factor!


***Please note that if you are using a dial up connection, some of these galleries can take some time to load.

Gallery 1 - This has thumbnails on the left with large picture on right in a nice color and window format. Colors areĀ  changeable also.

Gallery 2 - This is a great looking gallery with a whole side panel for text.

Gallery 3 - This gallery is one big picture with a set of photos. They are not zoomable.

Gallery 4 - This is more like a slide show. Background color is changeable.

Gallery 5 - This gallery is like a little movie but has no themes available. Longer load time also

Gallery 6 - This is an animated book where you can turn the pages by grabbing the corner, hold the mouse button down, and turn the page. You can add some text in there as well.

Gallery 7 - This gallery is has thumbnails at the bottom that scroll across as you go and displays the large picture above when you click on the thumbnail.

There are more available and we will post them when time permits! Visit our portfolio as most of our site have some sort of photo viewer.

Plan for load time

guy running fastLet's not make your potential customer wait any longer than need be. Upon planning for a site it will be important to discuss the demographics for people using the site. If it is found that a high percentage may be using dialup, then we will build a gallery that will load fast. High percentage on broadband may prompt for a more elaborate gallery. It all adds up when designing a web site to run smoothly.


Buffet Style

We have at our disposal quite a variety of galleries that can be customized with color schemes to gel with your site. Some use javascript, flash, xml, html or a combination of any or all of these languages.

Another option is to make two of the same gallery, one for slower computers on dial up and one for faster computers on broadband. They would have the same pictures but different styles and the user can choose the one based on the speed of their computer. The cost is more, but it is a convenience to your customers as well.