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The Lemon Law does not apply to web site design

The Lemon Law prevents car dealers from selling shiny new cars that look great, but do not function as designed, and therefore must return your money by law. Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to new web sites. If you have a lemon for a web site, don't just deal with it,
find out how Aero Web Design can make your web site a success!

"I want to get my site to the top of a search!"

A web site is a marketing tool

  • Save your customers time and moneyClock and money
  • Improve
  • Increase traffic to your place of business Traffic

What separates Aero Web Design from the rest? Attention to what it takes to sell your business, which is not just a pretty interface. Content and user friendly sites are ultimately what lure... and keep... your customers interested in what you have to offer. Flashy, awesome looking sites are useless if they don't separate you from your competition. We take the time to differentiate your services and goods from your competitors.



Aero Web Design uses CSS for layout of web pages:
"So what" you may say! Read on...

A common site building technique used for the last 10 to 15 years is obsolete, but designers are still doing it. What they do is design a mock up graphical image of a web site in Photo Shop, import it into a web site building editor, and add content from there. What this does is create a stunningly beautiful web site, but creates absolutely garbage code. It creates tables for the layout of a page, which by today's web design standards, is amateurish at best! This has many consequences, including rendering a web site almost unsearchable, increase page load time, and hinders editing elements of a page for future updates. This is NOT how to build a web site!!!
Synopsis: A beautiful site may be ugly on the inside!

Aero web sites implement the latest techniques for building a site.

This site here, why tables for layout are bad, explains in a fun and easy to understand way as to how not to build a site.


Proper coding techniques

Our web site coding is valid code according to the W3C Code Validation Specifications.

Valid CSS!Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional




"We were under a pretty strict budget when we opened our restaurant and needed to get a site up. Steve went way beyond the call of duty. I know he put way more time into this than our budget allotted. Steve is professional and knowledgeable and guided us along the way. Updates are needed for our site quite frequently and usually it's Steve bugging US for updates! We think the site conveys what we are, a place to have some serious fun and some serious food!

Pete and Janet Norager, Owners
Angry Bull Sportsbar

We will not turn you into a clone

We will not turn you into a clone

5 Steps to a Successful Website!


Step 1- Planning- Written Content

The most important step in the planning process of a web site is what kind of content is written to fill your pages. We can help market your business and it doesn't involve keyword stuffing text. 
>> more about written content


Step 2- Functionality

Web sites need to work. Fancy gadgets and animation can hinder a sites functionality, taking your potential customer away from the objective, which is to makes a sale or get a visitor to take action. 
>> more about functionality


Step 3- Usability

User friendly framework and navigation design will direct a user where to click next and get them to where you want them to go. We can design a logical flow to your site which will keep your visitors interested and spend time on your site.
>> more about usability


Step 4- SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your site "prepared" to be search engine friendly. There is no magic trickery or crafty deception of search engines, they are way too smart, it's all in how a site is put together. Aero Web Design knows the techniques to get the best possible results in a search.
>> more about SEO


Step 5- Visual Appearance

Although possibly the least important aspect of design, appearance can play an important roll in a successful web site. Average web designers will pour all they have into appearance, leaving the first 4 steps out of sight and out of mind, which is where your customers will likely end up. While our focus is building an effective web site, we can also make it look great!
>> more about visual


These "5 Golden Steps to an Effectivel Web Site" are the crucial components in developing a site. Aero Web Design implements these 5 steps to ensure you are getting the best possible marketing tool, which is your business online. Don't be fooled by a great looking web site, it's what's inside that counts.


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