Why Choose Aero Web Site Design?

1) Up to Date Knowledge

We came into the web design business at a great time. About 5 years ago the web coding standards started to evolve into catering to search engines as that is where most web sites are found. We have been learning these new techniques since 2003 before actually starting our business in 2007. Having knowledge of these coding techniques is vital to the success of a web site. Old coding techniques can render a site useless as far as search engines are concerned, which in turn will hurt a site's visibility. We take great pride in coding a site correctly which is the foundation of an effective web site design.


2) Marketing

We believe content is crucial to the success of a web site which involves marketing your business with your site, not just throwing up a site just to have one. We also have a marketing specialist who has been involved with sales and marketing strategies with a major newspaper as well as retail and mortgage businesses. She has won several awards including "Sales Person of the Month" 7 times in a 2 year span. This is a company with about 100 sales reps! Let's just say she has a ton of experience in marketing and can help market your business in unique ways to achieve results.


3) Reliability

Meetings, phone time, site updates, site up time, and overall performance, just to name a few, are of the utmost importance in regards to communication and site maintenance. You won't be left in the dark at any phase of the design process.

4) Business Experience

We have and still do own 2 other businesses which have been successful for over 11 years. We understand business minded people and what they want to achieve. We have great communication skills and present ourselves in a professional manner as well as respect our clients precious time with being prompt to meetings and fast response to phone calls and emails. We consider our services to be a business to business relationship.


5) Work Load Efficiency

Aero Web Design uses the best software put out for web design which speeds up production of a site so your money is utilized efficiently. Dreamweaver for web site construction, Photoshop and Fireworks for graphics and photo editing, and we also can and do code by hand which gives us total control over the look, layout, and effectiveness of a site. You won't have to pay us to do simple tasks that should be included in the cost of your site.


6) Quality

Your site will look modern and function properly which will keep visitors on your web site and increase sales. We custom build all of our graphics so they are unique to your site and your business. Most web designers will grab some graphics off the internet and use them in your site... that's not unique!

Again, we come back to proper coding. Quality web sites start with great performing code.